Welcome to your Signature Pro Web Auction! About once a week we will hold a web auction with proceeds benefiting a foundation that will be clearly identified.

The idea is simple; by registering you today you have immediate access to this month’s auction and will be notified for the once to be help once a month. You may choose to be notified my email or SMS for all communication such as; outbids, time remaining and alert. You may choose also to not receive any alert, however be careful! You could miss the end of the auction and loose the item you were bidding on!

When its time to bid, your credit card number will be asked. This is simply to protect our bidders and the foundation and ensure serious bidder participate in the event. Your card will be charged once at the end of the auction IF you have won an item or more.

For any further information please call us at 450-682-3098 or by email at

How foundations profits are calculated?

SIGNATURE PRO’S ITEMS – 15% of sales before taxes is given back to our benefiting chairy.

CHARITY’S ITEMS – 90% of sales is given back to our benefiting charity. Especially for this auction, Signature Pro will retain 0% of all the Foundation items.



Founded in 1998, SIGNATURE PRO became over the years the leading organizer of silent auctions in the province of Quebec. Since each special event is different, we make sure to bring items that will suit the needs of the guest attending and earn the most money possible for the charity. Like all silent auctions organized by SIGNATURE PRO, all profits will be given back to the charity supported by the organizing committee. For more details, visit our silent auction section. silent auction.


SIGNATURE PRO’s main objective is to contribute to the success of your special event while offering exceptional service and exclusive collection items. Our service is offered free of charge. Furthermore, your volunteers can take care of other important matters as we do everything revolving around the silent auction. Because of our large experience in the field, we know what items to pick to entertain your guests and get the best possible financial return.

All our signed items are coming with a SIGNATURE PRO certificate of authenticity. Our silent auctions are a nice way to raise more money while entertaining guests at no extra cost and no hassle.

We also bring life to your collector’s items by helping them last a lifetime and protecting them in our custom made frames. You may personalize it to create a completely unique collector’s piece.

Signature Pro division called « L’ENCADREUR DES CHANDAILS » specializes in customizing frames for your cherished items.

We specialize in framing sports jerseys, however our expertise does not stop there. Visit our web page by clicking on the following link to see more of our work like the framing of tennis racquets, medals, sporting event tickets, golf balls and more. l’Encadreur de chandails.

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